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what is zfactor anyways

an advertising agency

that focuses on tech
companies & products

Over the past 18 years, zfactor has worked with technology companies, humanizing their brands, marketing, products and services for the people using them. From apps to IoT hardware, we understand technology and how they affect people using them.

how do you go about things?

how do we go about things?

the human experience

we focus on your customer,
not on your technology

We approach design projects based on empathy for the customer experience, not the technology. First, we observe what they need from the technology, the problems they encounter, the digital world they interact with, and the messages they hear. Then, we build marketing collateral based around our findings.

So, what exactly do you do?

It's a big long list, but basically

design & build things

often digital, sometimes printed, 
but always carefully designed

As a full service advertising agency founded by a passionate designer, zfactor designs and develops user centric brands, websites, applications, user experiences and marketing collateral. We provide BIG agency creative deliverables, from a boutique environment, enabling us to provide you with a very personalized experience.

see what we do

see what we do

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To understand what we are, we should first explain what we’re not

We’re not your run of the mill web company, we’re not a flashy social media company, we’re not a hipster design shop (although we may wear hipster glasses).

We believe that when the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail…and that doesn’t always serve the best solution to a problem.

zfactor is a design and marketing firm specializing in digital technology. Our design and marketing services include integrated marketing and strategic online development, website & custom application development, the best graphic design ever, brand development, and search engine marketing

Our team consists of designers, programmers and strategic thinkers, able to see the big picture, and objectively design and build you the right marketing solution for your problem, not our egos. .

We take great pride in helping solve a customers problem, and providing a mutually rewarding solution.

We intentionally ask alot of questions, dig deeper, think sideways and focus on the end user. Some refer to this as Design Thinking, but we see it as Smart Thinking.